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Apl 1st - Demon Slot Online

Great news! We've came up with a new get-rich-quick scheme. So in this update, we have decided to change the entire game into an online slot machine. That's right, instead of fighting and adventuring through underwolrld, you'll now be spinning reels and hoping for the best possible combinations. Don't worry, we've kept the same beautiful graphics and sound effects, but now they're accompanied by the delightful chimes and jingles of a slot machine! You will be paying us real money for a super minimal chance for you to get any money back.

We hope you enjoy this new version of our game. Happy spinning! };D

Patch Note

- Remove the entire game content and replace it with giant slot machine.

- Added new slot machine interface with hot-sexy girl images and additive jingle.

- Gettting demons will now follow gatcha mechanic, expensive and power-creep every week.

- Repeatedly pay us money for slim chance to win useless Demon skins.

- Armor crafting is now breakable, with 99% chance without paying money.

- New PvP (Pay vesus Pay) ranking board to show off how much you have spent.

- Added new special anima 'Salt' that prevent you from getting salt in any other games. (You have to equip it in real life for it to have any effects.)


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