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Apr 8th - Summer Breeze & Guild Challenge

Summer patch is back! This time, the sea filled the infinite pit, so it's time to take a summer break with the new Guild Challenge! Gather your guild and collect cumulative score to unlock special prizes. Only guild members can participate in the challenge so join a party ! The Guild Challenge composes of 13 waves of monsters from many different realms. Defeat them all and get the highest score possible! The scores will accumulate as the total guild points on the guild board. Achieve the top scores unlock special guild prizes!

Also, the legendary King Rodinia is back and has joined the Angel Race as a Trail Boss Campaign! Two new event sets for BlackBaron and RodeoBob has arrived in the PVP Shop!

Patch v7.67

- Updated Demon Slum and OPW with new event : Summer Breeze

- Update Event Shop with new items.

- Added a new Guild Challenge to Guild Chamber. (Max 5 Players)

- Added a new BankRobber set for Rodeobob to PVP Shop.

- Added a new Oligarch set for BlackBaron to PVP Shop.

- Added KingRodinia to war chamber as Trail Boss Campaign. (Max 5 Players)

- Modified max players for Jurassic Trail to 3.

- Modified max players for Ichijo's Noodle to 5.

- Fixed Guild Chamber incorrect UI display issue.

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