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Dec 25th - Golly X-mas Night

Well, if it isn't the last week of 2020! While, human are hoping that this year doesn't give them anymore troubles, our demons are planning for many stuffs ahead for next year! This week though, we take it slow as a short 5-days patch, as our HYNY event patch will be the next Wednesday, 30th. It's still a lot of stuff as we add the the second Ranking Challenge and change the town to X'mas night theme with super cool fireworks so be sure to check them out. Merry Xmas everyone on earth!!!

Next week, we have many presents waiting for you, both inside and outside the game. So please be on the look out for it. :)

Patch Note v 6.78

- Change Demon Slum to X'mas night theme.

- Add new Ranking Challenge #2 December Dark to campaign window.

- Add new trinket Dark Onyx (+20% Dark Damage, 40% Dark Resist, -40% Light Resist) to Death King collector shop. (Required rank 20.)

- Add new Devil: Devil Tiamat to Ranking Challenge map. (Demon Tiamat is coming soon after this.)

- Add new OST: Renegade to Ranking Challenge map.

- Add new field item: FireWork I-IV to Event and Guild Shop. (Can be use in DemonSlum via short-cut.)

- Update new ranking board to display Event Ranking based on current event. (2nd tab)

- Update ranking board reward list:

- Add and update war chamber's team management menu to include invite player button and menu. (W.I.P.)

- Update and reduce many SP usage. (We are considering moving it back to DEX...)

- Update and add many new loading screens.

- Update Demon Images.


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