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FEB 22 - Triple Features Patch v. 418

FEB 22 - Triple Features Patch v. 418

Well as banner suggested, we're releasing three new major features into DRC. Now you can trade items with other player via our flea market. There's also new opening cg+introductory movies that aims to help new player when they first open each stage. Lastly, we're releasing elemental system next week, so this week we added all the elemental descriptions in skills and items as a sneak peak for you to read before hand. (All are subject to change. More information is coming soon.)

Big announcement is that we're going to transition from Early Access to full Full Release next week, along with opening US and EU server. So let's pray that everything goes as plan and watch out for our confirmation announcement.


Patch Update

- Added three new stage cg + introduction movies to Gluttony, Sloth and Wrath.

- Flea Market in demon slum is now open.

- Added elemental description to all skills and equipments.

- Added Kshapon coin as a event trade reward to Event shop

- Remove all angels from all stages.

- Remove 300 EXP from MoltenPillar.

- Fixed Revive item in arena doesn't disappear when it's activated.

- Change Killjoy's upside down skill to damage/heal effect with limits.

- Added missing scroll bar to Equip WIndow, Chaos Vault, and Flame Altar.

- Many more bugs fixed.


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