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Jun 18th - Witch Cauldron & Other Stories

This week we added five new demon stories (Menalisa, Nija, Iaron, Anneberg and Bifron). We spent a lot of time perfecting these, so we hope you like them (especially Nija's story.) This mean that only four stories remain! They should be done next week, along with the story quests that reward your total story quest complete.

Oh, we also add new Inca weapons to the teasure map pool with very high drop rate. So make sure you don't miss out on those. ;)

Patch Note v7.23

- Add two new story maps: Witch Cauldron and Slum Market.

- Add five new demons' first chapter stories: Menalisa, Nija, Iaron, Anneberg and Bifron.

- Add nine new Inca weapons to treasure map's pool. (10 Str, 15Vit, 5% def and various elemental protections.)

- Add new Account Retrieval web page to DRC homepage:

- Update various DRC registration's web pages and serverless codes. (Warning: Hot mail will send the registration mail to your spam folder.)


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