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Mar 1st - Summer Heat

It's getting hotter than ever, time to hit the beach! New raid boss has joined the summer patch along with huge wiki updates!

Are you ready for the summer patch!? We have a brand new mini boss for you this year. Midnight requiem is also now a permanent daily campaign for you to hunt for heart of sins and their new devil pets. Our wiki also get a huge overhual updated that include all of the boss informations and detail of their attacks. We also pruned and updated all past event pets that were obsolete. Hope you like it! ;)

ps. The mobile development has beed delayed a bit due to BB Admin's family emergency but mobile open-beta is definitely coming soon!

Patch Note v8.37

  • Changed Demon Slum and OPW to summer theme.

  • Update event shop list and changed event item to Summer Slice.

  • Added new summer creep and town job: Pupsicle.

  • Added new summer mini boss and town job: Heatashi. (1 soul reward)

  • Reopen Summer Night in campaign window.

  • Open Midnight Requiem as permanent daily campaign with 10-40% heat of sin drop and 3-13% pet drop chance. (Can be enhanced by +item drop effect.)

  • Added 7 new devils pets - add (50-100)% special effect of arena sets.

  • Changed Sloth and Abadon set's special power to add % critical.

  • Changed Wrath and Fury set's special power to add % accuracy.

  • Updated Avarice weapon and armor's + item drop effect to 2% and 3%.

  • Reduce satanic Treasure Locket's effect from +6% to +3% item drop effect.

  • Reduced and update event pets to add (7-14)% elemental damage and protection.

  • Added new icon for Oyama's missing passive: Unbound Blade.

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