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Nov 5th - Floral Bloom

With human's empty promise to save the earth, trees are being cut down and reborn in hell with anguish. They even made hell's air smell nice! We could say that hell is ‘flourished‘ with beautiful plants from the real world!

Patch v7.45

- Changed Purgatory theme to FloralBloom.

- Added a new event item : White Flower

- Added 3 new event creeps : SunChild SunShooter, and LivingLiliums

- Added a new anima : Regrowth - Return {4-10}% of recieved heal as MP.

- Added a new anima : Detoxification - Gives {20-50}% chance for all heal ability to trigger clense status.

- Added a new accesory : Lucky coin - Legendary accessory that gives {10}% chance to prevent physical damage and 10 DEX.

- Added a new accessory : DevilShield - Legendary accessory that gives {10}% chance to return physical damage back and 10 STR.

- Added a new accessory: Golden Bell - Accessory that gives {13}% chance to prevent effect damage and adds 150 HP.

- Added a new accessory: White Bouquet - Accessory that gives {15}% chance to block abnormal status and adds 100 MP.

- Added a few creeps’ spawn point in Purgatory Plains.

- From now onwards, creatures in hell will be divided into the following categories :

Angels, Beasts, Demons, Devils, Dragons, Elementals, Spirits, Gods, Horrors, Humans, Plants, Robots, Undeads, Structures

- Added Gluttony and Sloth Game Tutorial. (Thai version)


- Adjust Voodoo Doll to add 10 TAL (previously +5)

- Adjust Ouija Triangle to add 10 VIT (previously +5)


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