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Nov22th - The Calm before The Blizzard

We have a small patch this week in preparation for the NY event next week. There's also a new ultimate XunWu's skill and many new shield skills to help higher ranking players surviving the damage burst. So don't forget to check them out. }:D

Patch Note v.616

- Revert Demon Slum back to normal event.

- Mr.S will now spawn only on Friday and randomly on Saturday and Sunday.

- Add new XunWu's skill: SuperNova - Cast a giant homing fireball that burn surrounding enemies and explode upon impact, dealing TAL(300~450) [fire] m.dmg.

- Add new Amy's skill: LifeGuard - Give target LVL(30~45)% [light] protection and prevent dmg from exceeding LVL(15~10)% MHP.

- Add new Ishtar's skill: WildProtection - Give LVL(30~45)% [poison] protection and block abnormal status to all demon allies for 15s.

- Add new Ishtar's skill: CallOfTheForest - Increase Ishtar and all summons damage by LVL(100~150)% but reduce 100% DEF for 13s.

- Update Burrow Under to also heal Ishtar.

- Fixed Pride Arena's CD not reseting for losing team.

- Fixed Fay's elemental guard not giving out elemental resist.

- Fixed Iaron's Unbreakable always return 1 damage.

- Update Troth, Ishtar, Verin and Iaron skin shaders.

- Fixed lots of stuffs as usual.


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