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Oct 29th - Death Carnevil

Since it’s the last week of Halloween, we’ve decided to make a surprise party, Death Carnevil X Halloween Party, for all demons to enjoy. This special event will consist mainly of 3 mini-games, including the Haunted House, Carnevil’s Maze, and for the last one, see for yourself. ;P So welcome to the party and hope all demons have fun !

Patch Notes v7.44

- Added a special event : Death Carnevil x Halloween Party (Accessible via Open Hunt with Steve, requires 1 Hunter Pass)

- Increase Level Cap to level 45.


- Fixed Voodoo Doll’s and Ouija Triangle’s incorrect effect and modified its rarity to Legendary.

- Added 5 Vit to Voodoo Doll and Ouija Triangle.

- Fixed Wiktor’s BloodFang incorrect % drain.

- Adjusted all Halloween Weapons to have 9% HP and MP Drain.

- Fixed Bifron’s and Killjoy’s Halloween Weapon Icon that did not display.

- Fixed Bifron’s passive skill, PhaseShift, that did not work properly.

- Fixed incorrect skin color display for gold demons after equipping armors or weapons.

- Modified Alliance anima ability to 'Temporary adds (10-30)% DEF when healed by a member of your guild."

- Modified Vindicator anima ability to "Temporary adds (10-50)% ATK stats when a guild member is dead." - Added Mystery Box rewards chance info to Official Game Wiki fandom page.


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