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Sep-26th Unreal 5 Update

The Underworld underwent a total Unreal 5 update!

This patch, the underworld has evolved with the latest Unreal Engine 5.3 update. Everything was totally rebuild from the ground up, with clearer renderer and even crispier effect. (Worry not, it shouldn't be any heavier on your machine. In fact, we made sure that it is even lighter on most machines.) This update to Unreal 5 also includes mobile version, (actually the whole updating thing was a push to get our DRC to pass the Google's PlayStore new security requirement.)

ps. To check for any errors, we openned most past event maps. Please let us know if you found any bugs and whatnot. ;)

Change Log v8.28

- Upgraded to Unreal Engine 5.3.

- Upgraded Visual Studio to 2022.

- Upgraded all plugins to the latest version.

- Rebuild all maps for Unreal 5.3 with new lightings.

- Rebuild all movie sequences for Unreal 5.3.

- Updated new rendering method for clearer image and crispier sfx.

- Reopened most event maps for testing.

- Open new Guild Challenge.

- Fixed Anima Mixer cannot select duplicate animas.

- Increase Wiktor's SS2 effect to 3s stun.

- Fixed Ishtar's SS3 (Over Growth) not working.

- Replaced all Raid Boss summon item in Guild Shop with new random Raid Boss Summon item:

- Added a new DIrectX12 option in Soul Tower's setting (required restart.)


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