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       Arena mode (PvP) is the main game mode in DemonsAreCrazy. They are based on the seven deadly sins, where each arena represent one sin that the demon candidate has to conquer to become Satan. There are total seven arenas in the game, but only four are currently available (Gluttony Park, Sloth Factory, Wrath Canyon, and Envy Forest). Each arena has different rules, team and objective. Some shared key elements in Arena are as listed below:

Seperated Level and EXP


Demons inside arena mode has their own separated Level and EXP which start at level 1. Demons gain a lot more EXP inside arena and can level up very quickly. However, once the arena is complete levels and exp gains inside are lost and have no effect out side of the stage. The only retaining exp and money gains come from the reward at the end of each stage.

Item & Arena Shop

Similar to level and exp, the same rule is applied to any copper gain inside the arena. All player starts the arena with 300 copper and automatically gain additional 130 copper every minute. They are intend to only be used inside the stage only. Once the arena ends, any item, equipments and copper gain or purchased inside are lost.

Gaining Access

All arena can be access by clicking the War Altar in War Chamber  inside Soul Tower (see image below.) The first Arena, Gluttony Park is available after player has completed the Tutorial1 Stage. Consequence arena require previous arena to be complete in this order: Gluttony -> Sloth -> Wrath -> Envy. 


For more information, please check out our game wiki at:

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