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Battle Mechanic


DemonsAreCrazy's battle mechanic is the same across all different types of game modes. In general, all damages fall into three categories: Physical, Magical, and Effect. All characters' power are based on four basic stats (STR, VIT, DEX and Tal) which are used to calculate all the battle mechanic.

STR - Strength increase character's physical damage by 1 and increase its defence ratio by 1%.
VIT - Vitality increases character's Max HP by 10 and Max KO by 0.1.
DEX - Dexterity increases character's crit rate, crit damage, evasion as well as its run speed by 1%
TAL - Talent increases character's magical damage by 1% and its Max MP by 3.

For more information, please check out our game wiki at:

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