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Trouble Shoots

For more details and bug report, please visit: EarlyAccess Forum
Commons Errors

Q: I got wrong Game Version error.

A: Please restart SteamFront or click for forced update under game's properties in Steam console.

Q: Cannot connect with 'Server is down' message

A: Please check our facebook for server status.

Q: I got severe lag and cannot play the game.

A: Currently DRC is only testing with North America (East) Server. If you locate else where, please be patience for game server to be open in your area.

Known Bugs

- Under extreme lags, some skills (ie; Wiktor's Dead Shock, Iaron's headbutt) might not behave as expected.

- With heavy network delay, some character will be able to double charge.

- Server Chat is not guarantee to be delivered to all clients. PC in lan environment network might see some conflicted ip issue.

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