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Q: What game-genre is Demons Are Crazy?

A: On the surface Demons Are Crazy (or DRC) is an action-strategy Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. But deep down, it's so much more. The game is designed so that multitude of preferred game-style players can play together; be it, FPS, Hack-and-Slash, MMO, or MoBa. The game also feature storyline of each demons and campaign boss hunt for items and gears.

Q: Will it be unfair to newbies that veterans players can equip epic gears into arena?

A: Yes and no. While players who spends a lot of time leveling up and searching for gears will have a lot more choice of what his demon can do, However, when enter into an arena, his demon's power will be scaled down to start at level one. This makes all demons starts out equally to everyone else but scale up a bit faster depends on his gears. The fact is, veteran players will most likely be match up with veteran players anyhow.

Q: How many campaigns bosses and events are there?

A: We plan to add one every week. So try not to miss out as their rewards are timely exclusive item.

Q: Will there be more demons added?

A: Yes, but they will be considered as advance demon and might behave differently from the 18 starter demons.

Q: Does the game fully supoort controller?

A: Yes, as we planned to publish the game on PS4 and XBox as well.

Q: What about VR?

A: The game actually shipped with VR ready code, but we don't recommend using it due to speed of the game might cause many people to get nausea.

Q: Why does DRC start with international version, and not local version first?

A: Well, we learned the hard way that it's easier to publish English game to other language. Given this fact, it's natural that we open English version with US server before local one.

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