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Installation Guide

Google Play Troble Shoot

- หากมีปัญหาการดาว์นโหลด File เกมหยุดชะงักเป็นเวลานานให้ลองปิดแล้วเปิดเกมใหม่

- ถ้ายังบาร์ค้างอยู่ที่เดิมให้ไปกดล้าง storage ใน Google Play แล้วเปิดเกมใหม่ตามวิธีข้างล่างนี้

1. กดค้างที่ไอคอน Play Store

2. เลือก Storage & Cache

3. กดลบ Storage & Cache

PC Installation Guide

- Please go to registration page and complete our registration form. Please keep your LogID and password in a secure place.


- Once you have completed DRC Registration, you'll receive email containing your private SteamKey. Please do not share this with anyone else.

- Log in to your steam account, and download DemonsAreCrazy client directly from Steam. 

- If you do not have the Visual C++ Redistribute, install it from here:

- Once inside the game, please log in using your registered DemonsAreCrazy's LogID and password.

PC Launch Settings Guide

- The game is already set to optimum for graphic standard. We highly recommend using our settings for this BetaTesting period so that we can easily debugging problems. However if you need to, you could set steam launch option as follow:

- Open Steam Panel and right click on DemonsAreCrazy. Select "Game Properties" from the drop down menu.

- Click on "Set Launch Opton". This will bring up a box where you can enter option command for the game.

- To launch game in Window Mode, enter "-ResX=1280 - ResY=800 - Windowed" in the box provided as show below. Other command are listed below. You can add as many command as you like with space between them and a minus sign (-) in front.

- Enter "-NoVSync" to diable VSync.

- Enter "-WINDOWED" or "-FULLSCREEN" for screen mode.

- To Change graphic setting, open GameUserSettings.ini under DemonsAreCrazy/Saved/Config/WindowNoEditor/ and enter the following: (you can change any value you want. 0=disable, 3 = best quality)


 MaxSmoothedFrameRate =66

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