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DRC Early Access

General Guidelines

- DRC Testing period is only for those who seriously want to help test the game only. Casual gamers, please wait for final release.

- All Testers will be temporary included in the BetaTester guild chat channel. Please be considerate and do not spam other players.

- When reporting any bugs found. please try to be concise as mush as possible. Include any of your action prior to what happen.

- Feel free to suggest and discuss any improvements in the DRC Steam Forum, but please remember to also respect other people opinion.

- Please read the version log before posting any comments. Many feature are currently disable on purpose for testing and balancing reason.

- Remember to always be polite, helpful and nice to each other.

- We expect everyone to understand that this is just the beginning of the game's grand adventure. Contents and features will be gradually released and tested along the way. We appologize for any bugs and inconvenient you might encounter.

- Please Enjoy the game!

Useful Tips

- Once arena is started, it takes sometimes to load depending on cpu. Please be patience and do not leave your team.

- Press Enter to open chat box both inside lobby and mission.

- Use Up and Down arrow key to cycle chat mode (area/guild.)

- Press [alt-g] for greet emo.

- Press [alt-b] for battle emo

- Press [alt-p] for pose emo

- Press [alt-r] for rest emo.

- Press [alt-m] for emo emo.

- Press Tab to select and cycle friendly team demons.

- Press Ctrl-h to hide mission interface.

- There's Gluttonuy, Sloth ad Wrath arena's weapons and armors schema rewards for quest reward for 23 arena plays and 13 arena win.

- Torment Weapon and Armor is available as rewards for 99 and 130 of each demon wins.

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