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14th Feb - White Valentine

It’s now the month of love! Time to celebrate Valentines’ Day with our Deva of Desire, Mara! Play the new minigame, Mara’s FanClub, with Mara and collect special Valentines rewards! Mara‘s FanClub is a Hangman game, where you take turns to guess letters that will fit the right answers. Correct answers will yield event rewards.

Also, this patch features new Valentine’s fashion costumes which you can collect them for free! Also, we made some adjustments and skill balance for other demons. Anyways, Happy Valentines Day!

Good news, our 5th Dungeon is near completion! Stay tuned for AzraelSand next week!

Patch Notes v7.59

- Added a new event campaign : Mara’s FanClub (Accessible from the WarChamber)

- Updated Demon Slum and Purgatory with new event : White Valentines

-Added new angel monster: HeartWing (Sophia) to OPW.

- Change event item to 'heart wing‘.

- Updated Event Shop with new event items.

- Add new Mara's Valentine Costume to Arena Shop. (75 arena coins: STR = -10, VIT = 25, DEX = 25, TAL = -10)

- Add new Oyama's Chinese Costume to Arena Shop. (50 arena coins: Add 25% water damage)

- Added new Valentines' Wing for Mara. (66 arena coins: STR = -10, DEX = 50)

- Added new Mara FC Shirt for Mara, Wiktor, XunWu, KillJoy, Troth, Hermont, Mhaou, Iaron, & RodeoBob. (55 wing hearts: STR = -10; VIT = 35; DEX = -10; TAL = -10)

- Added new Verin’s voice dialogues.

- Re-opened Choco-Heart Campaign.


- Adjusted Zuijin’s Armor rarity to Satanic.

- Adjusted Chinese Dresses rarity to Rare.

- Change Oyama's chinese sword ability to +20% water dmg.

- Lower arena coins required to trade Emperor Zuijin weapon to 66.

- Lower arena coins required to trade Emperor Zuijin costume to 75.

- Lower rarity of chinese costumes to rare. (same ability.)

- Eros will now have a chance to replace all raid boss instead of Omicron (who will be coming back after Valentine event ends.)

- Fixed various Suriya’s skill animation.

- Fixed Fay’s MagicLance bug.

- Fixed Barbas nAttack bug.


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