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Introducing the 1st Guild Challenge : King Rodinia

Introducing the new campaign mode, Guild Challenge! In this patch, we added our first Guild Challenge, King Rodinia, a super cool and powerful god, from the lost dimensions of time. Some of you maybe familiar of him, hehe. Also, this patch, we also renovated the guild system, modified the guild shop and add new options to the guild board. Be notified that you can now join arenas, campaigns and dungeons from the recruit board! This way, it’ll help you find parties easily while grinding for ranks and play exciting arenas. Lastly, Halloween patch is coming next week, so be sure to come back and join a political party!

Patch v7.39

- Added a new guild challenge: King Rodinia.

- Added a new god: King Rodinia.

- Guild challenge ranking rewards are as follows:



1 st

- Guild Coupon III x30

- Guild Coupon II x 50

2 nd

- Guild Coupon III x25

- Guild Coupon II x 40

3 rd

- Guild Coupon III x20

- Guild Coupon II x 30

4 th

- Guild Coupon III x15

- Guild Coupon II x 20

5 th

- Guild Coupon III x10

- Guild Coupon II x 10

​Participant Guild

- Guild Coupon I x 50

- Modified recruit board and recruit system.

- Re-lighted an OpenArena: Sakura Bonsho.

- Add 7 new military furnitures to Guild Board.

- Fixed OpenArena rewards that distributed incorrect item amount.

- Fixed OpenArena bug that causes the game to disconnect after burning the item rewards.

- Fixed OverSoul skill can use with 1-6 keys (in any language).

- Fixed Plunder I~IV anima not working.

- Fixed Bifron native skill: CosmicEnergy not giving MP to allies.

- Fixed room difficulty display.

- Fixed accessory equip bug.

- Fixed some hunt conquests.

- Fixed Anima mixer window to be able to scroll-up and down properly.

- Fixed wrong players rank display in game lobby.

- Fixed wrong Steve's cart max players display in the banner.

- Adjusted the Camera turn rate option to have higher range of sensitivity.

- Adjusted Troth’s CallOfQlwpdrt healing to 150-230HLG.


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