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JULY 20 DRC Server Migration For OpenBeta

Big announcement, next week on July 26th we're going to temporary close down our game server for one month or more in preparation for our game's open-beta. We also need to re-balance and fix a lot of network issues found during our test period.

When we get back, prepare to truly explore hell like never before. (Forth arena, Envy Forest, will be open as well as story mode, town center, guild system and many more PVE campaigns and cool skills and items to collect.) We'll also be migrating our game to our real servers in different regions around the globe to support players in different locations.

Today we will be the last patch before we close down our test server, we'll also be increasing limit of registration to 13,000 so we invite all to try our last week of close beta test. All players who achieve PlayerRank 6 or more will also receive our customary special BigBug Balloon trinket in US Server when we get back.

Thank you all for testing the game with us!


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