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Apr 14th Summer Splash 23

Water Festival is back! This is a special one-week event, where you splash your way for various wet bonuses and items. In thie patch, special Water Melom and Water Pye Apple will appear in the open world and they can only be damaged when wet. They also give out huge EXP, Money and summer coconut box, so don't miss out! The Summer Paradise is also opened through out the week via Steve with special pvp coin rewards. New open hunt 'The Pirate Cove' is also open via Ichijo and Greed Arena has got new 'Mutiny Hunt' event added.

The new election event is coming next week, so don't forget to traded away your summer event item. ;)

Patch Note v.809

- Added Water Melom and Water Pye Apple to open world. (Can only be damaged when wet.)

- Added summer splash items to Event Shop. (Deal huge damage to Water Melom and Water Pye Apple and inflict wet status.)

- Added new special summer splash jobs: Summer Splash I-II

- Added new open hunt 'Pirate Cove' via ichijo (will be open everyday for the whole week.)

- Added new monster: Zombie Pirate to Greed Island.

- Added new material hunt jobs for Greed and Lust.

- Reopen 'Summer Paradise' via Steve with PVP Coins reward for player kills. (Will be open everyday for the whole week.)

- Added Coconut Boxes as various rewards with drop chance as followed:

- Added a new "Mutiny Hunt" event to Greed Island which give additional 33% of the killed player's total gold stash to the killer. (The event will trigger every 5 minutes.)


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