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Apr 1st - Slapping Patch

It's the Slap Fest in the underworld! Get your own new 'SlapFace' emote and start smacking opponents to protect your dignity. When used, the opposite demon will be forced to enter 'slap hit' emote. So, dress up, capture and create your own meme for the occation. ( Or feel free to use the ones we made down below. ;) )

(SlapFace screenshot)

(Using SlapFace Emote: in-game footage)

This patch also include a brand new exploration campaign called "Jurassic Trail" (which was our original April fool joke, but then someone got slapped and we redid the whole patch around that theme instead. lol) The Tiamat's Oracle set and Mim's Magician set is also available to follow the occasion.

(Jurassic Trail campaign preview)

Hope you have fun with the new emote, but please remember to always resort to non-violence, unless you are inside our nether world. };D

ps. Because of April's fool, our guild boss will have to come next week along with the summer patch...

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Patch Note v7.66

- Added a new Exploration campaign : Jurassic Trail (Accessible via war chamber)

- Add four new dragon/beast-type monsters. (Poison Raptor, Earth Raptor, Ice Raptor.)

- Add 9 new conquests for Jurassic Trail.

- Added a new Oracle set for Tiamat to PVP shop.

- Added a new Magician set for Mim to PVP shop.

- Add new slapface emote item to Event and Money Shop.

- Add 27 new slap face emote to all demons.

- Add 27 new slap hit emote to all demons. (automatically used.)

- Fixed Anneburg's normal attack doesn't hit some monsters.

- Fixed issue where key items reduced to 0 after trading in Collector Shop.


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