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Apr 20th - Ostara Spring

The hidden seasonal raid boss it here! Will you be able to subdue Ostara and her Spring's madness?

While the world is boiling, the underworld has entered spring time. 'Ostera', the final seasonal raid boss, has arrived. Let's see if the demons withstand her spring's madness. In addition, some cosplay weapons are now available for exchange in the guild shop. (The rest will follow soon.) The mobile version has been updated on Google Play as well.

Patch Note v8.40

  • Updated Demon Slum and OPW to spring theme.

  • Changed event item and updated Event Shop List.

  • Added a new seasonal raid boss: Ostara

  • Added new Ostara's summon: Giant Wisp.

  • Added new anima: Spring. (Add 5-20% wind, earth and poison resistance.)

  • Added new pet: Baby Ostara (add (20~40)% chance to inflict abnormal status)

  • Updated and added many new cosplay weapons.

  • Allow some cosplay weapons to be traded in Guild Shop.

  • Fixed compound material mismatch between client and servers.

  • Fixed player's summon level scaled with difficulty bug.

  • Added new Jobs: Flower Hunts and Spring Raids.


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