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Apr 22nd - Mango Sticky Rice!

It's time to taste the legendary summer snack, the mango and sticky rice! Well, what are you waiting for? Get em' now from the Event shop and the WaterMelom cutie!

The 20th Ranking Challenge is here with double exp for all Melom and Pyeapple monsters for this week! What's better is, you can get the delicious sweet mango with sticky rice directly from the event shop! For those who are a big fan of the special summer snack, you can collect your very own limited mango mask as a souvenir! In addition to the summer snack, Iaron and Mastema also now has got their own pvp sets! And as usual, more SSS has been added for Nija, Iaron, BlackBaron, Mara and Mastema.

Patch Notes v 7.69

- Mango Sticky Rice patch's special: Exp x2 for all Melom and Pyeapple monsters. (This week only)

- Added new Ranking Challenge #20: Mango (Fire/Earth) to Campaign Window in War Chamber.

- Added a new Summer Accessory: Mango Mask - Soft-power mask from summer event that adds 10 SP and 500 weight to wearer.

- Added a new field item: Mango S.Rice - Sweet mango with Sticky Rice from summer event that instantly restore 100 SP after consumed.

- Added a new Hawaii set for Iaron to PVP Shop.

- Added a new DeathKnight set for Mastema to PVP Shop.

In-Game Adjustments

- Added wanderer souls spawn point to all open world maps. (Ghosts that can be devoured to increase the demon's soul gauge.)

- Adjusted evade and accuracy status calculation.

- Modified the number of maximum stacks when equipping field items.

- Fixed Masterma's FingerOfDeath distance bug.

- Fixed incorrect value for Pumpkin anima.

- SSS will now be unlocked at lv. 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23.

New SSS Updates

- Added new Nija's SSS: MoonlitPalm - Deals 2xSTR({0}~{1}) + TAL({2}~{3}) [light] then [dark] dmg and reduce element {4}% resistance for {5}s.

- Added new Nija's SSS: MidnightSlash - Deals STR({0}~{1}) + TAL({2}~{3}) [dark] dmg to all enemies in front and reduce their phy.atk by {4}~{5}% for {6}s

- Added new Nija's SSS: LunarBlade - Deals 6xLVL({0}~{1})% DEX as [light]/[dark] dmg to target area.

- Added new Nija's SSS: AssassinEclipse - Lock and deals STR({0}~{1}) + TAL({2}~{3}) [dark] e.dmg to a single target with less than {4}% hp.

- Added new BlackBaron's SSS: TrotskyMethod - Increase LVL({0}~{1})% DEX and turn invisible for ({2}~{3})s with TAL({4}) resist.

- Added new Iaron's SSS: GraveCrusher - Deal tremondous STR({0}~{1}) [earth] dmg to single target but also knock out Iaron.

- Added new Mara's SSS: WindFall - Cast a shreading tornado, dealling 6x TAL({2}~{3}) [wind] physical dmg.

- Added new Mastema's SSS: LifeCutter - Fire a cutter with small homing effect, dealing TAL({0}~{1}) [dark] e.dmg

- Added new Mastema's SSS: DeathlyDemise - Deal STR({0}~{1}) + TAL({2}~{3}) [dark] dmg to all targets in front, reducing their mag.atk by ({4}~{5})% for {6}s.

- Added new Mastema's SSS: SummonDeathKnight- Summon lv.LVL({0}~{1}) Death Knight for {4}s.

- Added new Tsukuyomi's SSS: MoonReflection- Put an enemy into a deep sleep for LVL({0}~{1})s with TAL({2}~{3}) resist. (Half for demon.)

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