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Apr 23th Summer Election x Grimeroth

Election season is back upon us (not to be confused with the one in real world)! Come vote for your favorite candidate and get a weekly rewards base on the results. Four candidates with lowest votes will be eliminated each week. (After that, you can redeem rewards by throwing each candidate’s voting proof into the Fire Altar.) The voting event will end in 3 weeks, after that you will be able to claim all rewards as follows:

The new trail boss campaign, Grimeroth is also open this week along with all monster and campaign bosses's stats readjustment.

Happy Voting!

Patch Note v8.10

- Change Demon Slum and Purgatory to Summer Election event.

- Reopen election booth with new ballot. (drop event item here to vote.)

- Added new event's jobs: Election Hunt I-III

- Added new Trail Boss: Grimeroth to campaign window.

- Added new campaign material: Curse Coin.

- Added new campaign anima : Grimeroth I-IV (Add 1-2% item drop rate and increase 10-25% money from kills)

- Added 9 new Grimeroth's conquests.

- Readjusted all monsters and campaign bosses stats.


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