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APR 26 - PvP Ranking / Armor Tier 3 Preview

Tis the season to hunt down other demons and climb the social ladder! PvP Ranking is here. The PvP score will be reset weekly, and rewards will be mailed the following week. We also added new tier 3 armor into our game, (which are here to replace tho old ones which was downgraded to tier 2.) On a another side note, you can now chat at the end of mission with the new chat system. (press enter at score board screen.)

Next week, we will be adding the political party (guild) feature, the arena count down, as well as many many more animas. So be on the look out!

Patch Note v 440

- All arena now will give out PvP score, calculating from each player rank. (losing party will receive negative score.)

- Add new Pvp Ranking Window to Throne Room. (Can be open by clicking at Qaetor Demion, next to Satan throne. )

- Add new chat system added to the score board screen at the end of arena/mission. (press enter to chat.)

- Added improved version of gluttony's armor -> gigantas.

- Added improved version of sloth's armor -> abadon.

- Added improved version of wrath armor -> fury.

- Fixed some arena items not giving correct MHP, MMP, MSP.

- Increase home base regeneration rate by 200%

- Add Death trigger inside sloth's center hole.

- Fixed lobby's camera zooming blur and blightness.

- Updated and added many new pages to the Necropedia.

- Many many more bug fixed..


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