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Apr 30th Attack of Anatomy Titan

Two strange titans have broken into the Demon Slum! Can you defeat them before they crush you with their super high damage? Our new trial boss campaign, 'Attack of Anatomy Titan' is now open. This patch also intoduces many important changes. Requirements for Player Ranking is now 2/3 lower. PvP ranking's elo system is also fixed (we think?,) along with 60+ new Pvp Ranking quests. Champion rank requirement is also lower to 1300. Rare PvP weapons and armors's schema are also move up to 13 play and 6 win quests.

ps. And yes, there's also a new opw mini boss: Dekaphone. Better watch out your steps in opw! ;D

Patch Note v8.11

- Temporary close down voting for 2 days. (Users can get their voting tickets back by throwing them into fire altar.)

- Reduce requirement for next Player Rank by 2/3 (from 30x to 20x.)

- Added new trail boss campaign: Attack of Anatomy Titan.

-Added new campaign material: Titan head.

- Added new Anatomy I-IV anima (Add 400-1000 MHP but reduced 100-250MMP.)

- Added new open world mini boss: Dekaphone.

- Added new town job: Dekaphone Hunt I-II.

- Added 63 new PvP ranking quests for each arena (reward 3000+ souls in total).

- Rewrote all PvP Ranking Score codes.

- Changed Pvp Ranking requirement as followed: noobic-0 veteran-200 expert-500 master-900 champion-1300.

- Moved all rare sin arena armors' schema to 6 win quests.

- Moved all rare sin arena weapons' schema to 13 play quests.

- Changed all event item rewards in open arena to pvp coin rewards instead,

- Fixed Team5 not getting any rewards in Greed Island.

- Replaced Nemesis's raid slot with Omicron. (Nemesis will become special event raid instead.)

- Added new gui ability to switch between bosses upon target lock.

- Add new path-finding code for big characters.

- Reduce RodeoBob's Crate of Kaboom to Tal(850-1300) field dmg.

- Added new loading screens with new loading codes.

- Updated Burning Ridge lighting and added more monsters. (Will be move to exploration soon.)

- Added new player tutorial to DRC Wiki. (

- Updated DRC Wiki's battle tutorial. (

- Updated DRC Wiki's equipment tutorial. (

- Updated DRC Wiki's gamplay tutorial. (

- Updated many DRC Wiki's pages.


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