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Apr 7th Greed Island Beta

The last sin aren, Greed Island, is finally here! Come conquere the Greed Realm by colecting golds in this 5 players, free for all arena. The first player to collect and store 6666 on his/her ship first win the stage, but beware of getting robbed by other players. When killed, the robber will gain 50% of the gold. (You can see all other's gold by holding ctrl button or by openning the big map with 'm' button.) Ranking Score will be award to Greed Ream duing PvP hour for the entire week! There's also a special meta change as from now all SSS will require level from 33-43.

Happy Greeding! ;)

Patch Note v8.08

- Added Greed Realm to War Altar.

- Added 9 new greed materials.

- Added new greed monsters: PirateChest1, PirateChest2, and Bone Dragon.

- Added new ghosts: Scammer and Crooker.

- Added new 27 greed realm conquests.

- Added new greed realm Anima: Buccaneer (-add mhp, msp and wind protection.)

- Changed ranking score to be awarded to Greed Arena for the entire week.

- Changed all SSS level requirement to lv.33-43.

- Reduce Critical damage from DEX from 130% to 100%.

- Reduce run speed gain from DEX from 40% to 33%.

- Chaged MKO to be calculate from STR.


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