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April 29th : Slum Summer Election

The first official slum election is here! It’s time to vote for your desired NPCs as the Slum Mayor! Simply get a voting ballot (dropped as an event item) and cast them on your favorite NPC candidate at the voting booths. After each week, the 3 candidates with the lowest-vote will be eliminated. But wait, those who voted for them will be able to redeem prizes (by throwing each candidate’s voting proof into the Fire Altar.) The lower the votes, the better the prizes will be, so plan your betting vote wisely! The voting event will end in 3 weeks, after that you will be able to claim all rewards as follows:

This week, hell has been updated with a new summer election theme, with 3 new event creeps! Also, the event shop will be temporarily closed with the use of event items only for the election(10 items per vote). Urion has also got his new event costume as the last gold demon. Lastly, new items for your daily login has been updated!

Patch v7.70

- Added a special event : Slum’s Summer Election (Vote for your favorite NPCs and earn rewards!)

- Added new Election Voting Gui/System. (Click at voting booth.)

- Updated Demon Slum and OPW with new event: Slum‘s Summer Election

- Added a new item : Vote Ballot (Event Shop is closed, and this item cannot be traded. Instead, you use them at voting booth -require x10 for one use.)

- Added a new item : Voting Proof (recieved from voting for each candidate, can be burned for special rewards after the election end each week.)

- Added 12 new voting posters for 12 NPC candidates.

- Updated the Daily Login Rewards for May's Giveaway.

- Added new event monsters: Liar Cart, LoudHorn and Liely

- Added a new event undertaker set for Urion to PVP shop.

- Added new Item drop overhead display effect - Fixed Gold Demons not changing skin colors.

- Fixed Gold Demons not changing skin colors.


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