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Aug 17TH - First Whale Shrine

The flood has washed up a special shrine along with its familiar guardian to the underworld! Challenge yourself in solving the shrine's puzzle and defeat Movah for a new mimic item! This patch will introduce a new level-ranking system, where players can increase demon's cap level according to their player rank. This means the higher your rank is, the stronger your demons get! So, be sure to take time to complete your conquests! We also reopened the Guild Challenge with more themed-based aquatic creatures and updated its rewards to aid players in using our new SSSs. Also, pirate box has been updated with new Greed outfits for for Menalisa, Rodeobob, Troth, Verin, and Wiktor. As usual, we added more SSS for Wiktor, Verin and Anneburg, as well as fixing a few bugs and adjustments.

ps. So sorry for late update, we just had trouble coming up with a worthy rewards for this patch. Hope you like new mimic items. There's also no patch this Friday as we are spending most of our resource building our new dungeon for next week. ;)

The new Guild Challenge rewards are as follows:

Patch note v7.85

- Added a new Trail Boss campaign, FirstWhaleShrine, to Campaign Window.

- Added a new campaign Boss: Movah.

- Added new FW.Shrine conquest.

- Added the Guild Challenge#3 to campaign window. (Guild members only)

- Added new mimic item received by achieving FW.Shrine conquest: T.FirstWhale - Figurine that mimics you as FirstWhale for 20 souls. (Reusable.)

- Added new mimic item trade via event shop: T.Penguin - Figurine that mimics you as T.Penguin for 20 souls. (Reusable.)

- Updated new mimic systems - The mimic form will have separate HP MP and KO. (running out of HP will force players to return to original form. Mimic's power stats is no longer combined with user's.)

- Added 5 new Greed Armors for Menalisa, Rodeobob, Troth, Verin, and Wiktor.

(randomly get by throwing pirate box into flame altar.)

- Updated a new reward list for Pirate Box. (Greed Armor for Menalisa, Rodeobob, Troth, Verin, and Wiktor.)

- Added a Level limit system which unlocks the cap level according to player rank. Max Demon Level = Player Rank + 30 (Cap at 50)

- Rearranged Wiktor SSS skill(S5) - BloodRipper to S3.

- Added new SSS for Wiktor: EndlessDestruction - Prevent all damages and continuously deal 5xSTR({0}~{1}) for {2}% MHP/s to a wide frontal area.

- Added new SSS for Verin : WorldFreeze - Stop all enemies in {0}m for LVL({1}~{2})s, preventing them from taking any actions or damage.

- Added new SSS for Anneburg: PiercingJewels - Block p.dmg and deal 7xSTR({0}~{1}) dmg and TAL({0}~{1}) m.dmg with w.element to frontal enemies. (x2 to Elementals).

- Replace Anneburg's Emerald Castle with new skill: AegisShield - Reduce LVL({0}~{1})% def but grant other demons allies a shield that block LVL({0}~{1}) p.dmg and m.dmg for {2}s.

- Updated event shop item list.

- Reduced Giant Vizie KO dmg.

- Fixed Vizie Prince’s skill bug that reduce incorrect water resist. (-200)

- Fixed equipment window (F2) that shows incorrect elemental status.

- Fixed Fay’s double kill issue when casting skills.

- Fixed JurassicTrail/Aeonium FPS lag.

- Fixed RaidVictory UI bug.

- Fixed G.hill various bugs.

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