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Aug 19th - Drama Theatre and the New RC

New double patch with Drama Event and the new RC.

A new event patch that will take you into the world of drama is here! Meet the extras who're ready to stab you in the back. A new heroine Tim who will make you blind, confused, and falling in love like crazy! With a new brutal Ranking Challenge#29 where the high councilmen (of the Underworld), Bellas and Sonnallon want to scrutanize of candidates through death battle!

ps. Out mobile version is under testing and is coming soon. ;D

Patch Note v8.24

- Added a New Ranking Challenge #29 Bellias & Sonneillon.

- Updated new Ranking Challenge score calculation. Time and Defense Score is now a negative number. You also get a ranking score even if you are defeated.

- Updated Demon Slum and OPW with new Drama Event.

- Added new event monsters: D.Phantom and Madame Tim.

- Added new event item: Drama Mask and updated Event Shop.

- Added new chocolate drink: Choco Strawberry - instantly reduce 200 hates to all nearby enemies.

- Updated chocolate mint to instantly add200 hates to all nearby enemies.

- Added new accessory to Event Shop: Drama Knive - deal 66 e.dmg when hit enemy at the back with normal attack.

- Added new accessoryto Event Shop: Drama Script -reduce magic cast time by 2s.

- Added new event anima: Dramatized I-IV (Added 10-25% critical but reduce accuracy by 10-25%)

- Added new satanic trinket to Expert Shop: Zero Hand - negate all negative stats from equipments (not including anima.)

- Added new satanic trinket to Expert Shop: Zero Hand - negate all negative elements from equipments (not including anima.)

- Added a new jobs: Drama Hunt I-III.

- Fixed Titania's missing cage effect.

- Reduced chance of Nija's ground spike to cripple from 13% to 23%.

- Reduced silent burst damage back to Tal 75.

- Reduced Oracle Orb's cool down from 13s to 6s.

- Increased Tiamat's Gravity Crush maximum damage from 900 to 1300.


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