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AUG 25th Staged Drama

The modern world is nothing but a staged drama!

Patch Note v8.25

- Added a new event boss: Drama Queen to Opw.

- Added a new event boss: Staged Drama to campaign window

- Added a new event accessory: Drama Mask. (23% chance to block effect damage, drop from Staged Drama)

- Added a new event Pet: Baby Drama Queen. (reflect back effect damage every 23-13s.)

- Added a new special pose to PVP shop (require Master Rank)

- Fixed Special emotions not displaying with short cuts in Demon Tower.

- Fixed and the ranking board and extend RC for another week.

- Added display model for Drama Knife.

- Reduce Wiktor's Endless Destruction damage to STR(1) - STR(2).

- Rearrange Oyama's Satanic skill. (A new one is coming next week.)


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