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Aug 28th - Chrono Twister

The shifting of space and time again has caused Purgatory’s clock to go haywire! Many past events has gone past the time wreck and landed in the Purgatory and the Demon Slum! It’s a good time to farm missing event items! This event will be available for 2 weeks and event shop items will cycle through. Don’t forget to check the event shop so you won’t miss a thing! Two special campaigns are also reopened for those who missed them. Also, Omicron is back with 33% chance to replace usual raid bosses!

Patch Notes v7.86

- Added a new event: Chrono Twister

- Updated OPW’s Purgatory Zones with new event theme.

- Added new event item: ChronoMash (Drop from event creeps in opw)

- Updated event shop item list.

- Reopened 7 event campaigns as follows:

  • Anti-Vax Escape

  • ChocoHeart

  • Mara’s FanClub

  • CottonMarch

  • Summer Night Terror

  • Giants of Nifheim

  • Scorn of Xmas

- Updated Give-Away demion with September Giveaway.

- Added new Mara Fanclub and CottonMarch quests.

- Replaced RedClaw raid boss with Omicron. (33% to replace usual raid bosses)

-Fixed FirstWhaleShrine Campaign's Water Statue bugs.

- Fixed some collisions that made AIs stuck in Envy Forest Arena.

- Fixed Azrael Dungeon's Collector shop bug that caused items to not be able to trade.

- Guild Challenge points is finalized for each guild and rewards will be send to your mailbox accordingly.

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