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Dec 10th - Eve of Madness V.2

This patch we introduce you the second continued series of Eve of Madness Open Arena. It‘s time to test your skills and claim your snowy rewards! ❄️ Also, we added the new arena coin exchange shop, trade PVP coins with special time-limited items! Demons also get a cool accessory from the Vikings too! Lastly, we also added a few more 7th Satanic Skills. And be prepared for next week’s X-mas Patch!

Patch Notes v7.50

- Added a new open arena : Eve of Madness V.2 (Accessible from Steve, reward 1 Pvp Coin for each 3 kills.) (Open at 20.00 and 22.00 Daily)

- Added a new Arena Coin Exchange Shop at Demon Slum. (Trade PvP Coins, beta version.)

- Added a new accessory : Viking’s Helmet (can be equipped by all demons) (prevent death when hp is more then 13%.)

- Added a new accessory : BlueHorn (Obtain via Pvp Shop.) (add 23% Wind, Water, Ice but reduce -13% Fire, Earth, Thunder.)

- Added a new accessory : RedHorn (Obtain via PvP Shop) (add 23% Fire, Earth, Thunder but reduce -13% Wind, Water, Ice.)

- Added new Wiktor’s 7th Satanic Skill : BloodRipper - Sacrifice LVL({0}~{1})% of current HP to deal STR({2}~{3}) [dark] dmg to all enemies in front.

- Added new Hermont's 7th Satanic Skill : PlowingSnow - Deals STR {0}~{1} [ice][wind][water] dmg in a straight line and heal LVL({2}~{3})% of MHP.

- Added new Hermont's 7th Satanic Skill : CrushingPeak - Deals STR {0}~{1} + TAL{2}~{3} [ice][wind][earth] dmg in 23m area and stun on all enemies for 4 s

- Added new Killjoy's 7th Satanic Skill : KillerStrings - Continuously deals TAL {0}~{1} [wind]/[dark] dmg around KillJoy for 2 s.

- Update Iaron's Double Stun with new background shader.

- Add FX to Mim's KillerScan.

- Update all legendary accessories to display model when equips to all demons.

- Remove all arena movies from game client, and move them to be loaded from internet.

- Add new system to for multiple log-in attempts to help those who has bad internet connections.

- Fixed crash issue when entering Purgatory Plains(OPW1).


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