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Dec 11th X-mas Tree

It's time to decorate your guild with the Xmas theme! New Xmas guild furnitures as well as new Mara tier-2 skill update. Well this is actually a light patch because of local holidays. So all the new cool events have to be moved to next week. It's still a really good patch though, cuz we went back and fixed many bug issues reported by our players. Important note is that the critical damage has been reduced to 66% of DEX stat.

Happy Holidays! ;)

Patch Note v6.75-6.76

- Lower critical damage to 66% of DEX.

- Add new Mara's tier2 skill: StoneGust - Cast a stone tornado that deals 5x TAL(13~20) as [wind][earth] physical damage.

- Add new Mara's tier2 skill: SwoopingSwallow - Glide forward with razor sharp wings, dealling 6x STR(0.3~0.4) + TAL(20~30) [wind] damage.

- Add new Mara's tier2 skill: DexPilfer - Steal LVL(30~45)% base Dex or Max TAL(33~50) from target enemy and add to self for 23s.

- Add new Mara's tier2 skill: SummonStoneGolem - Summon a stone golem with stats equal to MARA's LVL(66~100)% VIT.

- Add new Mara's tier2 skill: EarthWallPrison - Cast a giant earth wall that cage everything inside 20m for LVL(8~13)s.

- Add new Mara's tier2 skill: AlluringDesire - Instantly inflict (60~90)% charm on all enemies within 23m for LVL(23~30)s. (1/3 duration for demons.)

- Update Mara's Wind Serverant's AI and make it follow Mara around instead of attacking one target.

- Lower all Ishtar summon cooldown by 66%.

- Update Ishtar's Summon AI.

- Increases Amy's Seal for faith mod to TAL(50~75).

- Increase Verin's Devil Cyclone speed and decrease its deceleration.

- Change Killjoy's Gambit damage calculation to use enemy defence.

- Add distance scaling to Anneberg's Core Drill damage.

- Fixed some incorrect skill level.

- Add Barbas's Satanic Armor to Compound shop (required satanic schema.)

- Add new 5 Xmas Guild Furnitures.

- Add new 3 Xmas Guild Flooting.

- Fixed the 10-14th slot in guild Layout not showing items.

- Fixed guests demons cannot change equipments in War Chamber.

- Fixed bug that allow players to equip higher rank gear in War Chamber.

- Double the creep spawn points in Purgatory Plain.

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