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Dec 17th - Hit the Snowy Challenge

It's been a year, and Snow Don and his goons has been leveling hard to challenge you again this year! They have appeared in a hidden part of purgatory, help the demions eliminate them all in the special ranking challenge 16th for event rewards!

A sneak peak for Christmas patch is here along with more 7th Satanic Skills for Matti, Amy, Troth, Ishtar, Barbas and Rodeobob. They are epic and super powerful, so don’t forget to save up your silver for upgrading them!

Patch Notes v7.51

- Added Ranking Challenge 16th: Hit the Snowy

- Reopen Scorn of Xmas in campaign window.

- Added a new field item : Soul Flask - Instantly gives 33 oversoul after use. (Can be bought at Free Shop for 23,000 Silver, or trade in with Guild Shop for 5 epic coupons.)

- Added arena tutorial movies (english ver.) for Gluttony, Sloth, and Wrath.

New SS Skills

- Added new Matti's 7th Satanic Skill : Pumpkin Slice - If hit, locks and slices target with 10x LVL(0~1)% effect dmg of their HP. (Max LVL(2~3))

- Added new Amy’s 7th Satanic Skill : MightyOne - Smash the ground in front, dealing STR(0~1) + TAL(2~3) (light & earth) dmg and 4 ko in 23m area.

- Added new Troth’s 7th Satanic Skill : Reign of Osiris - Cast auto-revive with LVL(0~1)% HP to all demon allies within 2 seconds.

- Added new Ishtar’s 7th Satanic Skill : Secret Garden - Heal HLG(0~1) HP to allies in 2Im and remove all abnormal status.

- Added new Barbas’s 7th Satanic Skill : Satellite Drop - Deals 6xTAL(0~1) map dmg to all non-structure in a target area after 13s.

- Added new Rodeobob’s 7th Satanic Skill : SoulRobbery - Temporary gives nAttack ability to steal LVL(0~1)% of target's OS for 2 s.

- Update Menalisa's 7th Satanic Skills with new bg shader.


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