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Dec 21st - X'mas Parade 2022

Merry and happy X'mas everyone! It's that time of the year when the Santa(s) are parading into our towns. So, our demons came up with a bright idea to rob the parades and take all the presents for themselves! This won't be easy but we know you are up for the job. }:D

We also reopened the Scorn of Xmas and all past campaign with x2 exp and silver rewards for a week, So don't miss it. Eve of madness will be taken over Open Arena for the whole week with special ranking reward as listed below:

ps. We decided to delay the battle league to next year. So our final patch this year will be the New Year patch next week with many special new years items!

Patch Note v.798

- Added new specdial campaign, "X'mas Parade" to campaign window.

- Added new event, X'mas 2022 and update event shop with xmas items.

- Changed Purgatory Plain and DemonSlum to Xmas Theme.

- Updated Town Job to new X'mas requests (with xmas box and new year box as rewards.)

- Updated X'Mas Box to drop all materials randomly.

- Updated New Year Box to drop all armors randomly (5% legendary, 15% epic, 30% rare, 50% common/uncommon)

- Eve of Madness will now replace all open arena (open everyday at 15.00 and 21.00.)

- Reopen Scorn of X'Mas and all other past event campaigns.

- Special x2 EXP and silver from all end of mission rewards.

- Added new avarice Weaons (drop from new years box.)

- Added new Avarice Armors (drop from new years box.)

- Reduced Ishtar's Ancient Protector summon time to 3 minutes.

- Added many more triller dance animations.


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