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Dec 24th - Merry X'mas and Tower Of Ascension

Cheers! Everyone‘s favorite time of the year is finally here. To mark the start of a Christmas event, Xmas event and year's-end dungeon is here! Fight your way through floors of monsters for a new epic reward!

‘Blue Star’ will be rewarded after each successful wave fight in the Tower of Ascension. Collect and trade em’ with the brand new FrostDew weapons! Also, we added more god-killer SSS for Matti, Xunwu, and Mhaou.

Anddd...Have a great Christmas week! ^^

Patch Notes v7.52

- Update Purgatory and Demon Slum to X-mas theme.

- Added a new dungeon : Tower of Ascension (Rewarded with BlueStar after each level)

- Added a new key item : BlueStar

- Added a new weapon set : FrostDew (Can be traded with BlueStar at Tower of Ascension‘s Collector shop)

• Status : STR = 10; VIT = 10; DEX = 10; TAL = 15

• Ability : Gives nAttack 33% chance to inflict 23% ice down status (ice element)

- Update event item with Santa Sock.

- Update Event Shop with new items.

New SSS Update!

- Added new Xunwu's 7th Satanic Skill: SunFire - Deal 8xTAL(1~2) [fire] m.dmg to target area.

- Added new Matti’s 7th Satanic Skill: MincingRed - Deals 13xSTR (0~1) dmg with nAttack's element. (Extra 2% dmg for fish, beast and human.)

- Added new Mhaou's 7th Satanic Skill : LavaQuake - Deals 3xSTR(0~1) [fire]/[earth] dmg with cripple and TAL(2~3) burn enemies for 2 s.

- Added new Mhaou's 7th Satanic Skill : DamageBounce - Gathers and bounces LVL(0~1)% incoming phy. dmg and mag. dmg back to all enemies in front.

- Added new Mhaou's 7th Satanic Skill : HundredYearsJunta - Create {0} Hate and temporary block all incoming dmg by LVL(1~2) for 1 s.


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