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Dec 3rd - Giants of Nifheim

As the last month of the 2021, we have both good and bad news for all demons. Good news is, winter has come to hell, leaving all purgatory cool and cozy! Bad news is, it has brought some unfamiliar creatures with it. They call themselves, the Viking. Some has rumored that they had settled down somewhere in purgatory. Invade their camps and kill them all before they start their mischievous plans!

Patch Notes v7.49

-Change open world to Viking Winter theme.

- Update event shop with new items.

- Added a new event item : Viking’s Helmet

- Add new winter event campaign and new conquests: Giants of Nifheim. (access from campaign.)

- Added new giant monsters: Jotunn and Jotunn Chief

- Added a new event anima : Viking I-IV

Give (40-100) chance% to prevent fatal damage with 130s cd. (reduce hp to 1 instead.)

- Updated Demon Slum’s help post with new event infographics.

New Seventh Satanic Skills

- Add new Menalisa's 7th Satanic Skill: SoulShare - Share 50% of the current soul to target demon ally with LVL(0~5) souls return.

- Add new Menalisa's 7th Satanic Skill: Beholder - Summon Beholder, dealing 6xTAL({0}~{1}) [light][dark] e.dmg.

- Add new Iaron's 7th Satanic Skill: Demon Execution - Adds LVL(50~100)% demon killer status to self for 13s.

- Add new Iaron's 7th Satanic Skill: Double Stun - Deals 2xSTR(1~2) dmg and inflicts stun with stacking 2s time.

- Add new Nija's 7th Satanic Skill: Spirit Copy - Copy all common buffs from a single ally to all other allies around Nija for LVL(13~23)s.

Adjustments and Fixes

- Fixed some Town Quests that didn’t work correctly.

- Fixed several SSS bugs.


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