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Dec 9th - New Equipments Meta

Welcome to the brand new equipments meta! As announced, this patch bring the new important updates and improvements to player rank system and equipments. Player rank requiement for each level of equipments has now been raised to 10, 20, 30 and 40. All equipments are also much more powerful than before, especially for arena equipments that has thier own native effects. Be warned though, that we added many elements weakness and protection to them, as they will play crucial role in the up-coming battle league. Please see the details of the equipments' updates below:

The player's level cap has also been raised to your current player rank +20 (or max lv.99). Lastly, the forgotten ice-god Venero who was one of our legacy winter raid boss has also challenge you to the final showdown before he is gone forever from the game. So don't forget to form your best team and try to send him off with the biggest beat down for high score!

Patch note v7.97

- Updated equipment stats and abilities according to their new rarity. (See Wiki pages from above.)

- Adjust required player rank to equip/use items to [rare:10, epic:20, legendary:30, satanic:40]

- Rearranged many equipment rarities and update their icons.

- Added +13% HP Regen effect to Gluttony/Gigantic set.

- Added +130 run speed effect to Sloth/Abadon set.

- Added +13% Crit effect to Wrath/Fury set.

- Added 13% MP Regen effect to Envy/Malice set.

- Added +50% Inflict abnormal status effect to Lust/Lover set.

- Added +25% Heal effect to Pride/Exalt set. - Added +13% ATK, MAG to Satanic set.

- Unlock demons max level to PlayerRank+20 (or max 99.)

- Added new ranking challenge #26: Ice-king challenge

- Added and updated town quests (new reward list and pic.)

- Added t-dance emotion for Troth, Nija, Ishtar, Oyama, and Rodeobob. (need t-dance item from the previous event)

- Fixed bottled fairy(Lumi) doesn't work.

- Fixed some summon altar issues.

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