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Feb 17th - Demon League (Beta)

The new 1vs1-player arena called 'Demon League' is now open as a beta! Come compete in this special ranking arena with 3 of your best demons. (You can switch between them with a 66s cool down.) Player will win when the opponent loose all demons. It's still in beta so, the rating system is still in the W.I.P. as we will be testing and balancing the whole thing this coming week. (Our admin will also be playing, so feel free to challenge him to a duel lol.) ps. Important notice is that, we'll be retiring the old pvp coin for a brand new one with new pvp-rating system. So please traded them all before next patch.

Patch Notes v8.02

- Added a new Arena Mode : Demon League, a new 1vs1-player arena each with three demons as a beta version (Accessible from War Chamber for Players with rank over 20)

- Added a new team management menu to Demon League's lobby.

- Added a new valentine pet: "Baby Sophia".

- Added a new campaign Mena's Fanclub. (Accessible from War Chamber)

- Added FC-shirt models for all demons with menalisa variance.

- Added a new emotion, Heart Emote, as a key item (use ctrl-h to do heart emote without having to equip it.)

- Updated all other special-event emote to key items. (You can throw the old emote into Flame Altars to change them into a key-item version.)

- Updated and added models for all demons to FC shirts.

- Added all Judgement weapons and armors in game. (Not obtainable yet)

- Fixed Nemesis and Eros not completing their Job quests.

- Added more Rank Icons.


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