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Feb 18th - Azrael Sand

Finally, DemonsAreCrazy’s 6th dungeon is now here! Venture through the human world and uncover the truth about the mastermind behind their attack in the underworld's Purgatory. Be prepared for the awaited human army led by the mysterious creature. (Since we didn’t complete all the boss skills, demonic and satanic quest will be disabled temporarily.)

We also added a new wedding costume for Menalisa to PvP shop. So be sure to check it out. :)

Patch Note v7.60

- Added a new Dungeon, Azrael Sand to Dungeon Gate. (9 maps)

- Added new machine monsters: Desert Tank, Desert Chopper.

- Add new angel monsters: Holy Bishop, Azrael.

- Added new dungeon materials: (5%, 10%, 15% and 40%)

- Added a Collector Shop (Pirate) to Azrael Sand's 8th map.

- Added new consumable item to Azrael Sand Collector’s shop (Pirate): Soul Pot S, Soul Pot M, Soul Pot L (Instantly gives 1, 3, 5 souls after use.)

- Added new Noobic and Humanic conquests for Azrael Sand Dungeon.

- Add new Azrael Sand's animas: Holy Penance I-IV (Return 4-10% MHP every time a skill is used.)

- Add new Menalisa's Wedding Scepter to PvP Shop. (+10 STR, -5 VIT, -5 DEX, -5 TAL, +15% Light dmg)

- Add new Menalisa's Wedding Costume to PvP Shop. (+20 STR, -10 VIT, -10 DEX, -10 TAL, +20% Light dmg)

- Update Oyama's Chinese Costume to [-10 STR, -10 VIT, -10 DEX, +20 TAL, +20% Water dmg]

- Update Oyama's Chinese Katana to [-5 STR, -5 VIT, -5 DEX, +10 TAL, +15% Water dmg]

- Added 500 silver rewards for each correct answer to Mara's Fan Club.


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