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Feb 25th - Marching Parade

The marching band of Cadence & Tremolo has appeared out of no where, filling the Purgatory with a new theme!

This week, we added the “Collector’s shop Trade window“ for easy access as well as many QoL features.

Patch v7.61

- Changed Demon Slum and Opw to new event: Marching Parade

- Updated the event shop items.

- Updated new login rewards for March 2022 - giveaway

- Added new event creeps: Cadence & Tremolo

- Added new event item: MusicalNotes (Drop from Marching Parade event monsters)

- Added a new icon for KeyItem.

- Added a new KeyItem: T.card I-X - Trader address that allows you to order delivery from dungeon's collector shop.

- Added a new ”Trade“ window for each dungeon in Dungeon Gate for trading collector shop items. (Require each dungeon’s T.Card for use)

**Trial Use only for this week*

- Added Oyama, Verin, and Mhaou’s new TwelfthTale costume. (STR 20, VIT20; +50% effect from consumables)

- Add new Consume Items: Trumpet, Flute, Drum, M.Notes I-IX

Trumpet: Buff +13% Atk to ally in 30m. (Reusable.)

Drum: Buff +13% Def to ally in 30m. (Reusable.)

Flute: Buff +13% Mag to ally in 30m. (Reusable.)

M.Notes I-IX: Music sheet that changes BGM to specifics OST. (Reusable.)


- Added a blue icon for Azrael Sand Collector Shop.

- Adjusted and added a quantity box when selecting items in EventShop, DemonGuild, and FleaMarket.

- Fixed Blank Anima issues.

- Fixed the missing Titania floor texture.

- Fixed dungeon issue that required campaign orb.

- Fixed several Azrael Sand’s bugs.

- Fixed Holy Penance anima bugs.


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