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Important announcement - Player rank & equipment tier adjustment

Greeting demons! This is an announcement about the Player rank system and Equipment rarity adjustment that will be applied in the near future.

For a period of time, we simplify many systems and content in this game to make it easy to try all the game content. According to the lately change, such as arena lock system (required certaint player rank to access each arena) and campaign lock wich player must play the previous stage to unlock, we tried to help newbie player from the overload content at the begining.

And the next change will be Player rank & equipment tier adjustment. In order to promote many item that didn't get enough attention as it should be. (ex. - newbie rank players should use the proper item with their rank) Furthermore we are discussing to improve arena experience that might effect by this change in the future. Such as divided arena tier from player rank that will limited equipments power according to the arena tier. (or considering about reducing effect of equipment in the arena)

So the adjustment in this announcement especially Player rank & equipment tier adjustment will be applied to the game after 1 month (Dec 2022)

PS. Don't miss the details below to prepared for the next change :)

Player ranking system and re-organizing armors rarity details.

- Adjust required player rank to equip/use items.

Player Rank

Equipment Rarity

rank 1+


rank 10


rank 20


rank 30


rank 40


- This player rank system will applied for equiping weapon/armor/acc/pet and using of field item (consume item)

- re-organizing all weapons/armors into lower and higer tiers.

- Some item will be revamped to fit its new rarity.

- After this system applied to the game players can't equip item that won't meet the current condition.

- Any equipments that already equip before the update won't be remove (players can remove it themself but they can't equip its again if player rank was too low)

- Player rank & equipment tier adjustment will be applied in game in next month.(Dec 2022)


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