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Jan 14th - Omicron Incursion

Corona's rapid mutation has led to the birth of Omicron. With its wild and uncontrollable infectivity, it is now sent here to hell! Some demions have claimed to witness itself as a humungous creature together with its subordinates.

This week, we have added a new Omicron event as well as a new raid boss. He is an almighty god with seven lethal skills. And as usual, more SSS has been added in the game for Wiktor, Iaron and Menalisa.

Practice social distancing and don't forget to wash your hands frequently! ^^

Patch v7.55

- Changed Purgatory and Demon Slum to new theme : Omicron

- Added a new event material : Alien Chip

- Added a new raid boss : Omicron

- Added new event monsters : DeltaCron & Omnidrone

- Added a new boss material : Omicron Cell

- Added a new event anima : Mutagen I-IV - Reduce 15-30% duration of debuff status.

- Updated Mystic Forest's lighting.


- Added Wiktor's SSS : LifeSteal - Inflict {0}s stun and drain LVL({1}~{2})% of Wiktor's missing HP from target as e.dmg.

- Added Iaron’s SSS : DragonSlayer - Deals 2xSTR({0}~{1}) dmg (2x to Dragons) and reduce ATK and DEF by LVL({2}~{3})% for {4}s.

- Added Iaron’s SSS : Punisher - Deals 5xSTR({0}~{1}) dmg with n.Attack element to wide area around Iaron.

- Added Menalisa’s SSS : DarkDecay - Inflict TAL({0}~{1}) netherBane and TAL({2}~{3}) corruption on target for {4}s.

- Added Menalisa’s SSS : Blight - Reduce target's LVL({0}~{1})% MAG and [shadow] resistance by LVL({2}~{3}) for {4}.


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