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Sorry for the long wait, but our game migration to its final servers are now complete. Our game also went a complete revamp from ground up (please read th

e chenges below). We're proud to announce that it's finally ready for its open-beta stage.

Our three major servers by region are up and ready to go. We'll be opening Naraka, or our South East Asia Server to test first. If all is well. Milkan (North America Server) and Infernum (Europe Server) will soon follow.

Open Beta Change Log:

- All 18 demons are now playable.

- All 250+ skills are now open, including skill upgrade features. (Will be balancing them in the next few weeks, please help us commenting on them.)

- Added many new native skills for all heroes.

- Demon Slum is now accessible from Main Hall as a open town map.

- Forth Map, Envy Forest is now playable. (Might be some changes after testing this week.)

- EnvyWeapon and EnvyArmor Set is added, as well as wild weapon set.

- Aeonium Event Stage is now open.

- Player can now access all rooms in DemonTower.

- Purgatory is now split into 3 continuous loop stage - PurgatoryPlain, PurgatoryWall and PurgatoryGate. They can be access directly from Demon Slum.

- All stage underwent a major lighting remake. Not only are they brighter, but also as horridly beautiful as we intended.

- Million bugs fixed. All shaders and code optimised, everything should load way faster and game runs smoother now.

- As we didn't made it in time for X-mas event, we'll be adding Xmas Weapon and Santa Armor in the DemonTower Shop.


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