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Jan 17th - Scrap Yard

the second patch of the year, along with many fixes from last unreal engine update. We are also opening the second PVE map, Scrap Yard - which will be open everyday on this weekends. (Gourmet Market will alternate back on Monday and Wednesday.) The remaining rainbow weapons are also here in the event shop. So don't forget to get them before they are gone. (Lunar New Year patch is coming next week.)

Last but not least, we added XunWu's last three skills, which are all attack-attack-attack type skills. He should be one of the highest damage dealer now, so watch out for fire damage if you have to go toe to toe with him.

Patch Note v.626

- Add new open PVE map, Scrap yard which can be access from Ichijo. (Gourmet Market will be on Monday and Wednesday.)

- Add remaining rainbow weapons to event shop. (Trade requirement change to 43.)

- Add new XunWu's tier3 skill: Fire Cinder - Fire five fireballs repeatedly, dealing TAL(33~50) [fire]/[earth] m.dmg.

- Add new XunWu's tier3 skill: Ruyi Rod Smite - Return monkey king's rod to its original form, dealing STR(2.0~2.5) [fire]/[earth] dmg.

- Add new XunWu's tier3 skill: Fire Dragons - Deals 7xTAL(50~75) [fire] m.dmg to target enemies and remove all debuffs from target allies.

- Add rainbow effect to Fay's oracle blast.

- Fixed all passive skills' cool down not saved on server.

- Fixed incorrect Mhaou's vitality bond damage reduction and increases it to 50-75%.

- Frame rate is now fixed between 23-130 fps.

- Demon Avatars in Demon Tower will always use highest lod-level models.

- Fixed many incorrect fonts display.

- Again, many more fixes that we forget about. lol


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