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Jan 28th - CNY 2022!

Time to celebrate, Happy Early Chinese New Year! This update features a new event, CNY, with new chinese dresses for each demon and cny themes added to the game. So, don’t forget to check out the Event Shop and the Demon Slum!

Our Daily Rewards System has also been updated! And as usual, we have added more SSS for Menalisa.

P.S. Good news, our new 5th Dungeon is near completion!

Patch v7.57

- Added new ranking challenge 18th.

- Update Demon Slum and Purgatory with new event, Chinese New Year

- Added a new event monster : TongLong

- Added a new devil : DevilTongLong

- Update Event Shop with new items.

- Added a new event armor : Chinese Dress

- Update Daily Rewards with new items.

- Added many voice dialogues for Xunwu.

• Update Raid Boss Pets as follow:

- Baby Lycidas : Small replica of Lycidas, add (15~30)% beast killer effect.

- Baby Suriya : Small replica of Suriya, add (15~30)% elemental killer effect.

-Baby Didendum : Small replica of Didendum, add (15~30)% ghost killer effect.

-Baby Chukwa : Small replica of Chukwa, add (15~30)% fish killer effect.

-Baby Mr.S : Small replica of Mr.S, add (15~30)% insect killer effect.

-Baby Nemesis : Small replica of Nemesis, add (15~30)% horror killer effect.

-Baby Nurse : Small replica of Nurse Annie, add (15~30)% undead killer effect.

-Baby B-Rex : Small replica of Baal Rex, add (15~30)% human killer effect.

-Baby Omicron : Small replica of Omicron, add (15~30)% machine killer effect.


- Add Menalisa’s new SSS : LoversLament - Instantly deals [light]/[shadow] eff.dmg equal to LVL({0}~{1})) of the different of HP. (Max TAL({0}~{1}))

- Add Menalisa’s new SSS : BlackWedding - Convert all dmg on target and menalisa as heal for one anothers for LVL({0}~{1})s.


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