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Jul 26th - The Witch Hunt

Strange senator witches are rotting the land, time to go on a witch hunt!

Tons of stranges senator witches are appearing from the purgatory forest. They might look cute and harmless, but their spells are sucking the magic out of the land, causing the surrounding to rot. Normally this would be common in the vast underworld, but the forest demions doesn't like it and form a big orange-shirt protest. So Lord judge is asking the demons to go find out the culprit behind them!

ps. Btw, if you can't tell. this event is actually a sarcastic event. We don't condone any act of political witch hunting in human world for it diminish the freedon of speech. But Heck!, this is the underworld, so feel free to go nuts on them!

Patch Note v8.22

- Change OPW to the Witch Hunt Event.

- Added new monsters: Witchling, Witch Senator and Witch Elder.

- Added new event campaign to Camapign Window: Witch Hunting.

- Updated Event Shop list and added a new event item: crystal orb.

- Added new consumable item to Event Shop: Choco Mint (instantly refill 100 ko.)

- Added new accessory item to Event Shop: Witch Hat (+6Tal, reduce recieving magical debuff by 3s.)

- Added new accessory item to Event Shop: Witch Broom (+6Tal, extend magical debuff by 3s.)

- Added new accessory item to Event Shop: Witch Pot (+13Tal, extend curses by 6s.)

- Added new event animas to Event Shop: Witching I-IV (Adds 25-55 Tal but reduces other stats.)

- Added new item to Event Shop: C.Orb Filler (Fill one campaign orb.)

- Added new GUI for using C.Orb Filler in Campaign Window.

- Added new event jobs to Job Window: Witch Hunt I-III

- Added 9 new calamity raid jobs to Job Window (for player rank 40+ only):


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