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Jul 5th - Flood Season & Garden of Eden

Flood season is back in the underworld, along with a new campaign boss, the first humans Adam and Eve!

Are you ready to get soaking wet with rotten foot? Flood season is back in the underworld, bringing the raid boss Aquamorph and all the rainy season gear. Plus, there's a new campaign boss to face: the original humans, Adam and Eve, who are trying to free humanity from the gods. We demons can't let that happen—where else will we get our tasty souls?

We've also made big changes to the defense meta with a new formula. Now, high-tier bosses won't be taken down in one shot, but the early PvP game remains unchanged. Many skills have been updated for better balance, considering damage over time and a more accurate risk/cost analysis. All demons will be gradually balanced according to this formula in the coming weeks.

Patch Note v8.47

  • Changed OPW event to Flood Season (image from mobile version)

  • Updated Event Shop with new item list and new event item.

  • Changed raid boss to Aquamorpth (40% chance to replace other bosses.)

  • Added new Job Quests: Rain Hunt, Flood Hunt I-II, Raid in the Rain

  • Added new campaign: Garden of Eden.

  • Added new campaign material: forbidden fruit.

  • Added campaign anima I-IV: Eden: (Add 5-20 VIT and increase recieved heal hp by 10-40%.)

  • Added a new Intro Movie and Tutorial Story to the mobile version.

  • Removed swipe function from lobby interface.

  • Updated new damage display system.

  • Changed Field Damage wording to True Damage instead. (Fixed damage with no defense or other calculation.)

  • Updated Def Formular to the following:

This will result in the damage reduction table below:

  • Updated the balance skill formular and balance the following demons:

Wiktor Skill Balance:

- Blood Carnivore : Deal STR(0.75f~0.75f) dmg with normal attack with 13% HP return.

- Blood Furry : Deal 3x STR(1.f~1.5f) + TAL(30~45) dmg and convert 23% back to HP.

- Impale : Quickly lunge in front, dealing 3x TAL(50~75) [dark] eff.dmg.

- Ripping Claw : Deal 2xSTR(0.66f~1.f) + TAL(66~100) [dark] dmg and reduce STR and DEX by TAL(20~30) for 13s.

- Exhume : Deal and drain TAL(30~45) MP from target as [dark] eff.dmg, also reduce LVL(23~33)% MAG for 23s.

- BloodRage : Change charge attack to a quick charge with extended range and STR(2.f~3.f) [dark] eff.dmg. (5 SP)

- RightChaos : Deal STR(5.f~7.5f) [thunder][dark] dmg + LVL(50~100)% of the total dmg received (reset after used.)

- EndlessDestruction : Prevent all damages and continuously deal 5xSTR(2.f~4.f) dmg/s for 13% MHP to a wide frontal area.

XunWu Skill Balance:

- Fireball : Shoot a fireball, dealing TAL(130~200) [fire] mag.dmg and inflict TAL(24~36) burns for 3s.

- Flame Smite : Evade all dmg and deal 2x STR(1.5f~2.3f) + TAL(66~100) [fire] dmg.

- Flash Fire : Draw a ring of fire, dealing 10xTAL(120~180) [fire]/[wind] mag.dmg to surrounding enemies.

- Incinerate : Deals 3x TAL(100~150) [fire] mag.dmg and inflict TAL(23~33) burns for 6s.

- SunBurst : Gives target -100% fire resist and deal TAL(360~480) [fire] area mag.dmg after 8s.

- FireEmber : Change n.attack to 4x triple fireballs, dealing TAL(75~113) [fire]/[wind] mag.dmg with HLG(50~75) hp heal.

- DancingFlame : Burn surrounding enemies with 5x STR(1.f~1.5f) + TAL(75~113) [fire]/[wind] dmg.

- FlameArmor : Give target LVL(33~50)% DEF and [fire] def for 30s and 50% to deals TAL(33~50) [fire] eff.dmg to attacker.

- BurningWrath : Leap into the air and strike down, dealing 6xTAL(180~270) [fire]/[wind] mag.dmg.

- FireCinder : Change c.attack to quintuple fireballs, dealing 5xTAL(90~135) [fire]/[earth] phy.dmg. (25 MP)

- RuyiRodSmite : Return monkey king's rod to its original form, dealing STR(3.3f~5.f) [fire]/[earth] dmg.

- FireArmy : Return HLG(200~300) HP and add +(23~33)% [fire] to demon allies for 13s.

- SunFire : Deal 8xTAL(130~200) [fire] mag.dmg to target area.

- SunSweep : Deal 5x STR(2.5f~5.f) + TAL(100~200) [fire] dmg (x2 to Plants).

- BlazingPhoenix : Deals 10xTAL(120~240) [fire]/[wind] mag.dmg and return HLG(100~200) HP to allies.

- SunDance : Evades all phy.dmg and deals 24x STR(2.5f~5.f) dmg with n.Attack element.

- Scorching Sun : Continuously burn enemies in 40m with TAL(100~200) [fire] eff.dmg and reduce def by LVL(40~80)%.

Menalisa Skill Balance:

- Dark Curse : Deal STR(0.6f~0.6f) with n.attack and inflict 13% phyDown for 6 sec.

- NetherBane : Curse target enemy, dealing TAL(23~30) [dark] eff.dmg every 1.5s over 13s.

- LifeDrain : Cast a curse that slowly drains target's HP as 6x TAL(23~33) [dark] eff.dmg in 13s.

- ShadowGaze : Instantly deal TAL(130~200) [dark] mag.dmg to a single target enemy.

- MedusaKiss : Unleash kisses that deal 3xTAL(100~150) [light] mag.dmg dmg with 33% chance to charm.

- LoveDrain : Change c.attack to HP/MP drain with STR(1.f~1.5f) [light] mag.dmg every second.

- HeartSickle : Steals surrounding enemies' hp as TAL(200~300) [light] mag.dmg (max 3 targets + mass curse lv.)

- BlackCurse : Passively deal TAL(23~33) [dark] eff.dmg to nearby enemies for 30 MP/s.

- Blight : Reduce target's LVL(45~90)% MAG and [shadow] def by LVL(66~130) for 13s.

- LoversLament : Deal [light]/[shadow] eff.dmg equal to LVL(66~130)% of the differences in HP (max TAL(1300.f~2300.f).)

- BlackWedding : Permanently convert all dmg on target and menalisa as LVL(50.f~100.f)% heal for one anothers.

Fay Skill Balance:

- Mana Arc : Unleash a magical wave dealing TAL(130~200) [light]/[wind] mag.dmg to enemies around Fay.

- Meteor Rain : Summon comets from the sky, dealing 20x TAL(100~150) mag.dmg to an area.

- Singular Rift : Cast a giant magical rift that deal TAL(400~600) [light] mag.dmg in target area.

- Magic Missiles : Fire magical missiles that home toward target dealing 5x TAL(90~135) light mag.dmg.

- Overflow : Gives target ally a HLG(130~200) barrier, HLG(33~50) MP and LVL(33~50)% [water] def for 13s.

- Gravity Shift : Deals 13xLVL(10~15)% HP [dark] mag.dmg (Max TAL(200~300)) in wide area and halve speed.

- Shared Intellect : Add LVL(33~50)% of Fay's TAL to allies and give Fay a HLG(300~450) barrier for 13s.

- Water Vortex : Cast a pulling whirl pool, dealing [water] 5xTAL(80~120) mag.dmg and reduce 10% water def (stack).

- Galactic Storm : Channel 23m meteor shower around Fay, dealing 2xTAL(100~150) [light][water] mag.dmg/s.

- Arcane Burst : Temporary remove nAttack's delay and use 5xLVL(10~20)% of current MP as its mag.dmg for 30s.

- Astral Spears : Fire 10x magical missiles that deal TAL(200~400) [light]/[water] mag.dmg.

Killjoy Skill Balance:

- FoolSeeker : Throw 5 homing knives at target, dealing STR(0.5f~0.75f) + TAL(50~75) [dark] dmg.

- KnifeJuggle : Create a trap that deals TAL(66~100) [wind] dmg with 50% chance to disarm for 3s.

- LaughingComedia : Deal 3x STR(1.3f~2.f) [wind]/[dark] crit dmg to a wide frontal area.

- CheatFate : Temporary give Killjoy LVL(33~50)% speed boost and LVL(66~100)% all evasion for 3s.

- SwitchCrown : Swap Killjoy and target's location and deal TAL(50~75) [dark] eff.dmg to enemy target.

- AllOutBurst : Deal 8x TAL(55~83) mag.dmg with random rainbow element and reduce its ele.def by LVL(10~15)% (stack).

- DealersLuck : Passively heal random hlg(66~100) - hlg(130~200) hp to self every time a skill is used.

- Misfortune : Deal TAL(250~500) mag.dmg and stun target for Random 1-LVL(1~6)s.

- Riddler'sTrick : Deal TAL(777~1500) [rainbow] mag.dmg and inflict random ailments on all enemy in the 30m area for 30s.

- KillerStrings : Deal 69x STR(0.5f~1.f) [wind]/[dark] dmg and reduce 6% [wind]/[dark] for 23s. (stack to 66%).

- PsychoClownParty : Transform nearby demon allies into Killjoy for 130s with LVL(100~200)% stats. (Revert when a skill is used.)

Matti Skill Balance:

- Hidden Blade : Deal STR(0.8f~0.8f) with n.attack and additional 50% when hit from behind.

- RollStrike : Evading phy.dmg, deal STR(1.f~1.5) + TAL(66~100) [dark] dmg and inflicts cripple for 6s.

- Multi Stab : Deal 13x STR(0.5~0.75) + TAL(23~33)dmg.

- Murder : Deal LVL(40~60)% of target's HP as [dark] eff.dmg (max TAL(666~999).)

- JumpScare : Instantly warp behind target and deal TAL(66~100) [dark]eff.dmg and inflict petrify for 2s.

- HallowLamp : Create a lamp that heals Matti HLG(130~200) per sec over 13s.

- FromTheShadow : Give Matti invisible status for LVL(6~13)s and warp to the closest demon enemy.

- GutNGore : Temporary add (33~50)% vampire status to n.attack for 13s.

- ThroatSlitter : Evade all phy.dmg and deal STR(1.3f~2.f) + TAL(130~200) dmg and inflicts silent for 3s.

- MidnightMurder : Tag and warp both target enemy and Matti to a special dark dimension for LVL(13~23)s.

- SoulRipper : Deal 2xSTR(4~8) [dark] dmg and add additional 6 souls if it kills the target.

- ManicMenace : Deal 6x STR(2.f~4.f) + TAL(130~260) crit dmg to random targets in 23m around last target.

Mhoau Skill Balance:

- FireWhip : Deal STR(1.f~1.f) with normal attack, 23% chance to inflict TAL(13~13)% burn for 6s.

- WakeOfFlame : Release a distant quake with charge attack, dealing STR(2.5f~2.5f) dmg.

- GroundStomp : Deals STR(1.3f~2.f) + TAL(50~75) [earth] dmg and cripple enemies for 6s.

- LashOfTyrant : Lash target in place for 6s while dealing 5xTAL(66~100) [fire] eff.dmg.

- Inferno : Deals 30xTAL(10~15) [fire] eff.dmg around Mhaou over 10s.

- HellsEnd : Randomly deal 13xTAL(333~500) [fire]/[earth] mag.dmg to all in an area.

- FireBreath : Tuant enemies for TAL(333~500) hate and reduce ATK and SPD by LVL(20~30)% for 13s.

- DominionMarch : Increase sprint speed by LVL(40~60)% with crippling STR(0.6f~1.f) [earth] dmg.

- DrunkenFeast : Heal HLG(66~100) HP every 3s to self and 50% to surrounding allies for 23s.

- HellFire : Deal TAL(200~300) [fire] mag.dmg to target area and reduce 40% [fire] def for 23s.

- FlameWhip : Deal 8x STR(0.6f~0.9f) + TAL(100~200) [fire] mag.dmg to front targets.

- InfernalSiege : Attack an area with catapults, dealing 13xSTR(2.f~3.f) + TAL(200~300) [fire][earth] dmg.

- LavaQuake : Deals 3xSTR(3.f~6.f) [fire]/[earth] dmg with cripple and TAL(33~66) burn enemies for 6s

- CalamityRay : Deal STR(4.f~8.f) + TAL(400~800) [fire]/[earth] mag.dmg in a long line.

- HundredYearsJunta : Create 9999 Hate and temporary block all incoming LVL(500~1000) dmg for 23s.

- Upheaval : Deal STR(2.0~4.0) + TAL(100~200) [fire]/[earth] true dmg to allies and enemies over 5s.

Verin Skill Balance:

- IceDemon : Add 25% [ice] protection and immunity to frost and ice status.

- IceGuard : Give Verin or target ally an ice shield that absorb HLG(200~300) dmg for 30s.

- HailsFury : Perform a quick set of pummel punches, dealing 9xSTR(0.66f~1.f) +TAL(33~50) [wind]/[ice] dmg.

- AbsoluteZero : Cast a freezing spell that deals TAL(333~500) [ice] dmg and inflicts 6s ice.

- FrostArmor : Give target LVL(33~50)% DEF and ice def for 30s and 23% chance to freeze attacker.

- CrossCounter : Evade and deal STR(2.f~3.f) dmg and 10 ko, reduce LVL(20~30)% DEF for 13s.

- FrostNova : Deals TAL(100~150) [ice] dmg and freeze all nearby targets for 4.f s.

- FrozenCatastrophe : Channel and deal up to 100-400% TAL(230~350) [ice] dmg in wide the area.

- FrostJavelin : Throw a javelin that deals STR(1.3f~2.f) +TAL(130~200) [ice] mag.dmg and freeze enemy in place.

- Ice Rain : Channel ice rain toward one enemy, dealing 30xTAL(125~250) ice mag.dmg.

- DoupleGanger : If hit, inflicts ice and deals 21x STR(1.f~2.f) phy and 1x TAL(1200~2400) [ice] mag.dmg.


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