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Jul 9th - Android Test Client

Join and play via Android Device as as NPC!

A new portal to the Underworld has been discovered! Players can now connect to Demon Slum's cloud server and interact with other players and all features. You can also connect without an account to play as an NPC in the game. (Can only chat and walk around, all icons will be disable.) See bottom of the page about how to install it on android devices.

ps. It seems that the Elo Score has finally been fixed, so the pvp score will be reset and pvp season one will fianlly be kicking off this Friday! Plz stay tune for official announcement.

Patch Note v8.20

- Added 27 new mafia weapons to Event and Gold Shop. (+23 all stats when worned mafia suit.)

- Added new playable NPC: Demon Cults for guest connecting via Android Device.

- Added new android test client that can connect to Demon Slum.

- Added new control for mobile device: Tap with two fingers to jump.

- Added new control for mobile device: Swipe Left to close interface.

- Added new control for mobile device: Swipe Up/Down to scroll.

- Added new GUIs version for mobile.

- Fixed players unable to join Practice Arena.

- Update all anima to be able to stack together up to x999.

How to install DRCMobile's android test clent

- Download any file manipulation app (we reccomend google's Filez:

- Enable developer mode on your phone.

- Download the .apk and .obb game files here:

- Use the filex app to open your download folder.and click .apk file to intall the game.

- Move the .obb file to new folder "com.BigbugStudio.DemonsAreCrazy" inside "Internal_storage/Android/obb/"

- Click on the DRC icon to launch the game and select your server.


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